My Short Trip To David, Chiriquí

When my friends insisted me to plan a group vacation to San José de David or David, I was not much interested. The city is not as famous as other cities of Panama for its attractions. But, then I realized with friends including Brandon at Southern Star Roofing, every place seems awesome and said yes to go with him and a few others. When we landed in David and started exploring this place, I find it wasn’t a wrong decision to come here with my friends. Here is my experience with David Chiriqui.

First of all it Chiriqui Province capital, and this city has some amazing attractions, but you have to stay in the city to explore all. The places I visited during my visit include


  • Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra Park


This park is just like any regular park. You can visit here with friends and family to have some fun time. You can buy some local craft at the entry gate of this park.


  • Jose Domingo De Obaldia Old Museum


This one is an old museum in Chiriqui and not in a good shape at present. Though, I find this museum, interesting to some extent, if you are in the city, you can too visit here to check its historical importance and the collection they have.


  • Pameda David Metropolitano Park


This is the place I found quite interesting in my whole trip to Chiriqui. This is a new urban hangout place in the city, so it has some interesting and fun elements.


  • El Terronal


Lastly, I went to El Terronal, which is the biggest shopping place in Chiriqui and I ended up shopping lots of things here. It is a great shopping destination in the city for getting both branded and local stuff.

The other spots that you can cover in Chiriqui are Catedral de San José, Casa Cultural La Guaricha and Lago Baruco.

Have A Peaceful Time In Danli

Danlí is a small city in Honduras and it is located nearly 92 kilometers from Tegucigalpa in the southeast. The city has a small population and present at an altitude of 814 meters from sea level. The department of El Paraíso is well known internationally for cigars and corn production. Though the city does not have much to offer to tourists, if you want to spend some time in a calm place then this is a perfect choice. Also, you can visit these places peep in the history of Danli.

Piedra De Apaguiz

This is a hill in Danli, known for its greenery and beautiful trails. You can take a short trip to this hill to enjoy simple yet elegant beauty of Danli city. The top of the hill will give you some mesmerizing views. It is best you visit this place wearing simple and comfortable clothes.  

Municipal Museum Of Danli

The museum is also the attraction of Danli. People of Danli come here to have a glance at its old traditions, culture, and history of the place. The museum was built in 1857 and has been renovated sometime back. The museum has some rare collection of historical handcrafts. Though this museum is not popular among tourists, it is worth visiting the place.

San Cristóbal Hill

Cerro San Cristóbal hill is another major attraction of Danli all because of its beauty and simplicity. The hill rises 850 m AMSL and it is nearly 300 m above from remaining Santiago. The top is the second highest point in the city. The hill has got its name from St Christopher Spanish conquistadors, he recognized this hill and used as a landmark.

Parque Monumento a La Madre

This is also a famous spot of Danli. The main attraction of this place is the bronze statue of a woman raising a child.

Catania: The Historical Trip That Awaits Every Tourist

I took a solo trip to Catania. It is a charming city though has a devastating history as it was hit by volcanic eruptions. Firstly, I explored its historic center which is one of the most recognizable sites around the world. Then I went to one of the most famous Basilica church.  It was built in the early 18th century and after the earthquake, it was elevated to the 1396 Royal Chapel. Then I went to Piazza Stesicoro which has the last memory of Romano.

Then I went to another church which is also called Sant’Agata alla furnace. It was constructed around the 18th century. Sant’Agata was a patron saint and so is celebrated from 3rd to 5th February. Then I went to see the construction significance of one of the famous person who was a famous composer of Catania. It is situated opposite to the Amphitheater. It has a statue which represents the person in the seating position. It was based on the composed seven steps that indicate the seven musical notes. Behind this monument lies amazing demand where one can find good deals of things to buy.

Then I walked down the Piazza Universita dated about 1696. On walking further, I saw many churches. Then I saw Collegio Gesuiti which was an amazing building with materials resembling that of the lava stone. Also, there lies Villa Cerami that houses a law university. Further, I went to another monument.

This place is a must visit for people who love to indulge in history. You can visit plenty of churches and monuments, and there is a great deal of knowledge that you can gain from them. It is recommended that you spend at least 4 days in this place and it is best that you move around the place by foot so that you can capture the essence it has to offer in every street.

Zagreb, Croatia: A Treasure Trove Of Legendary Landmarks

Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia has a rich tale of medieval conquests and invasions. The city houses many historic landmarks and monuments that stand as a representation of its rich cultural heritage. Every year, millions of tourists visit the city to enjoy the multifaceted wonders of this old city.


  • The Croatian National Theatre: An inspiring day tour


The historic theatre was established in the year 1895. It is one of the oldest theaters in Croatia and is popular for its ballet shows and opera. Every year thousands of tourists visit the spot to get a glimpse of its amazing architecture.


  • Cathedral of the Assumption: A stunning historic structure


Built in the year 1852, the Cathedral of the Assumption is one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches.  The grand building is yet another example of exemplary Gothic Revival architecture. Its classic artworks and stained glass windows are quite mesmerizing for the tourists.


  • Archaeological Museum: Explore the relics of ancient civilizations


One of the top attractions of the city is its historic Archaeological Museum, which was opened in the year 1836. Here, you can see and learn about ancient monuments and artifacts belonging to different eras including the prehistoric times.


  • Art Pavilion: The oldest art gallery


The Art Pavilion is an ideal place to enjoy a day-long family tour. Here, you can admire the artworks of world-famous artists. The historic art gallery was built in the year 1898. Its exquisite architecture and well-designed interiors attract thousands of tourists from different parts of the world.


  • Lotrscak Tower: Enjoy the best city views


Even if you are on a short tour, do not leave the city without visiting the famous Lotrscak Tower. The observatory on top of the tower can offer you an amazing panoramic view of the entire city. The 13th-century tower is one of the oldest structures in the city.

Glasgow: A Victorian City In The Heart Of Scotland

Glasgow in Scotland is located by the banks of the river Clyde and today it is not only an industrial center of the country but also a cultural center. This beautiful city is known for age old and well preserved museums, art galleries, festivals and concert venues. The name of the city comes from the Gaelic word meaning “lovely green place”. There are several open spaces and about seventy parks to enjoy here.

Here are some principal landmark areas listed that would help define your visit to Glasgow and show you some of its principal sights and places.


  • Glasgow cathedral


This historic building is probably the most significant structure of the city. Built in the 12th Century, this cathedral, also known as the St. Mungo cathedral, is designed as if dropped off a giant mold; the south transept of the building is called Blacader Aisle after the first bishop of the city. The crypt which houses the tomb of St Mungo, the founder of the building, is one of the grandest rooms here.


  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum


It is the Mecca of entertainment and shopping in the city; with an area of 1.5 miles dedicated to pedestrian walk, this area includes Sauchiehall Street, which is a much revered destination with trendy restaurants, cafes, shops and so forth.


  • Glasgow School of Art


This is a mecca for lovers of architecture, which also houses the Art Academy of Mackintosh. It is a building inspired by the Art Nouveau movement.


  • Necropolis


This is a garden cemetery of Victorian Gothic style which is located next to Glasgow Cathedral. This beautiful cemetery has sculptures, memorial stones and buildings designed by several artists of Glasgow.


  • George Square


Also known as the Merchant District, this area is located in the center of the historic Victorian city center and has several statues of famous people who have been associated with the history of the city.

Brussels: A Capital City That Combines Modern Attractions And Wondrous Architecture

Visiting Brussels in Belgium for the first time? Known to form the Brussels capital region in Belgium, the city of Brussels will offer you some impressive and historic sites; it is the capital of this European country.


  • Grand Place


This is the principal market square of the city. This historic square has guild halls in its perimeters which are part of several historic and elegant buildings, many dating back to 14th century. Here you will also come across Grote Market; in this square you will also find King’s House, Breadhouse as well as Museum of The City of Brussels.



The iconic boy statue, a naked urinating boy statue that has been replicated the world over finds its original presence here. This historic statue is located over a fountain that was created here in the 17th century.


  • Mini Europe


This is a park that has all popular European attractions designed on a mini scale. You will find the Eiffel Tower, the Big Ben and several other European landmarks recreated at a scale of 1:25. Located at Bruparck, it is at the foot of another popular tourist attraction site, the Atomium.


  • Atomium


This popular area is known for an iconic atom sculpture which is a towering landmark in Brussels. It features an atom as a giant stainless steel structure; the particles of the atom are connected by escalators. There are exhibitions to check out in this iconic landmark as well as a museum to explore; it offers impressive views of the surrounding cityscape as well.


  • Cinquantenaire


This is a city park that is famous for several museums, of the military as well as galleries of art. This park, designed in the 19th century, has fountains and floral gardens and landscapes that are wondrous for visitors to discover.


  • Royal Palace of Brussels


This building houses the constitutional monarchy of the country and showcases the throne room, state rooms and other areas that are kept open for summer tours.

Amiens: A French City With A Unique Charm Of Its Own

Visit Amiens located by Somme River for a unique view of the French countryside. While the cities of France are known for the modern and trendy sights and experiences, this city combined with the quiet of the countryside along with several historic sights and sounds as can be found in a historic city.  


  • Notre Dame Cathedral


This is the number one place to stop by here, considered a grand example of historic Gothic architecture in this region. It is also a UNESCO heritage site, known to be one of the largest churches in the country. Not only does the cathedral impress with its size, but also intricate details and impressive facade is what this building is known for.


  • Quartier Saint-Leu


This particular quarter preserves the age old charm of the medieval era. Walk down cobblestone lanes and discover quaint and narrow streets here that are lined with boutique shops, bookstores, timbered houses that preserve their ancient structures and so forth. There are picturesque canals that traverse the city and one can take boat rides, akin to tourist experiences in Venice.  


  • Musee De Picardie


Deemed one of the finest among historic museums outside Paris, this museum is modeled on Louvre Museum; this provincial museum is known for the large collection of fine arts that it houses. There are works of artists from 12th to 16th century as well as that of modern artists of the 21st century.



This particular place is the home of this celebrated novelist and his wife and dates back to the time between 1882 and 1900. Vernes book, Around the World in 80 days is considered one of the most famous novels written by a French author; this mansion reveals much of what inspired the author.


  • Les Hortillonnages


This particular garden is unusual since it can be accessed by a boat alone. Located in swampy grasslands located between L’Avre and Somme rivers, this marshland garden area is known to have unique species of flora and fauna.

What To Do When You Are In Guayaquil, Ecuador?

Guayaquil is one of the most populous and largest cities in Ecuador. It is a vibrant and sprawling city with high rises and hillside areas. The following are some of the major tourist attractions in the city of Guayaquil.

Malecon 2000 – a great mix of modern and contemporary city

This is one of the most modern and urban areas in South America that house many sculptures, playgrounds, monuments, gardens, and attractive rivers and lakes. It is a paradise on Earth and stretches about 2.5 kilometers along the Rio Guayas. This developed area is gated and hosts a shopping mall, IMAX movie theater and plenty of restaurants.

Museo Antropológico Y De Arte Contemporáneo – a modern day archaeology museum

This is a museum where you will find plenty of collection of pre-Colombian anthropology and archaeology pieces. There are also videos on offer that will show the architectural brilliance of the people of early periods. It has a 350-seater theater for plays, shows, and concerts.

Parque Histórico Guayaquil – the largest animal kingdom

This is one of the most attractive zoos you will come across in South America. There are over 45 different species of reptiles, animals, and birds in this zoo. They are living in a semi natural habitat and this is an Endangered Wild Zone.

Fortín del Cerro – a fort to defend pirates attack

This is a popular tourist location located on a hilltop. It offers a panoramic view of the city. This fort was used to defend the city from the attacks of the pirates. The cannons seen on this fort are sometimes used during big celebrations.

La Rotonda – a monument worth seeing at night

The La Rotonda is located half way to Malecon and is one of the most impressive architectural brilliance you will find in Guayaquil. It is an attractive monument when it is lit up in the dark sky. It is a historic monument where the mysterious meeting between San Martin and Bolivar took place in 1822.

Welcome To Belize City, the place I want to move !!!

Belize City does not exactly top the list of tourist destinations in Belize. In fact, many visitors choose to bypass the country’s only major urban area. This may be because the country’s main attractions are natural and nautical, rendering superfluous a prolonged visit to its only metropolis. An additional explanation is that the city has a bad reputation for poverty and crime.

Even those who admire its raffish charms and cultural vibrancy (and, to be fair, there’s plenty of those) admit that – unlike the rest of the country – the city is not particularly relaxed. This said, the government has gone to greater lengths in recent years to make visitors feel safer in the city and things on the ground have definitely improved.


  • Museum of Belize


This modern museum in the Fort George District provides an excellent overview of the story of Belize. Housed in the country’s former main jail (built of brick in 1857), the museum preserves one cell in its original state, complete with inmates’ graffiti; if you thought your hotel room was cramped, think again! Fascinating historical photos and documents bear testimony to the colonial and independence eras, and the destruction wrought by hurricanes.


  • Swing Bridge


This heart and soul of Belize City life, crossed by just about everyone here just about every day, is said to be the only remaining manually operated bridge of its type in the world. The bridge, a product of Liverpool’s ironworks, was installed in 1923, replacing an earlier bridge that had opened in 1897. These days it is rarely opened except to allow tall boats to pass in advance of serious storms, but if you’re lucky, you might get to watch the procedure that brings vehicles and pedestrians in the city center to a halt.


  • Image Factory


The country’s most innovative and exciting art gallery stages new exhibitions, most months, usually off work by Belizean artists. Opening receptions are mostly held early in the month on the deck, which looks out on Haulover Creek.


  • Court House


You can’t miss the prominent Court House on Regent St, built in 1926 as the headquarters for Belize’s colonial administrators to replace an earlier wooden structure of similar design that was destroyed by fire. It still serves administrative and judicial functions.


  • Caye Caulker


Caye Caulker is a long, thin limestone cave, off the coast of Belize. Fewer than 2,000 people live here full-time – an eclectic mix of Mestizo, Maya, Garifuna, Creole, and Mennonites, along with a few hippies and retirees. The main street is a sandy pathway and people get around on foot, by bike or golf cart. Apart from eating some sensational seafood (lobster is a local specialty), the main activity is snorkeling and boating along the nearby Belize Barrier Reef. Caye Caulker is very small and has a limited number of accommodations available. For this reason, we often use different hotels, depending on the departure and time of year. Accommodations are a bit rustic, and rooms will have ensuite, electricity and hot water, but due to the remote location, there may be occasional interruptions to these services. The stunning location and natural beauty of this off-the-beaten-track island more than make up for a few minor inconveniences.

Places To See In San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

San Pedro is the only town and the largest settlement area of Ambergris Caye. This is the largest island in Belize which is by the Caribbean Sea. The area has white sand beaches all around and mangrove swamps. The Belize district is maintained to keep its natural beauty and communities intact; it is known that Mayan communities were present here in pre Columbian times. Specimens of the ancient culture can be found in the red ceramics the region has and the pottery and other hand crafts that are found here.

  • San Pedro is the only town to visit here, which comprises of several resorts and native villages. Tourism is popular here, having grown from the seventies when outsiders started to come here.
  • The Belize Barrier Reef is one of the main attractions here; this is the second largest barrier reef in the world after the Great Barrier Reef found in Australia. This area is serviced by a small airstrip and can also be reached by sea ferries. The main form of transportation here is the golf cart. Snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the activities popular here.
  • The Hol Chan Marine reserve is another coral reef area that is widely visited by tourists here. There are colorful marine animals to witness here, which attracts snorkelers here.
  • Bacalar Chico national park and marine reserve are a protected area here as well as a declared world heritage site. This nature reserve is also known for beach activities and for witnessing marine wildlife.
  • Blackadore Caye is an island off Belize which is to the west of Ambergris Caye. Being on the Caribbean Sea, this scenic island is popular among tourists. It currently belongs to actor Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Belizean Arts is the next popular tourist destination to add to your list when you are visiting. It is a vibrant gallery that showcases Central American art. This place has colorful Caribbean and Belizean paintings, sculpture and textiles that one can witness.